There is much talk about the true meaning of Christmas around this time every year as we are engaged in a cultural struggle to keep Christ in Christmas. Some say it’s giving. To some, it’s about getting gifts. Others say it’s peace and goodwill and lots of fattening food. And to some, it’s all about Jesus. This Christmas, let God draw you back into the heart of this sacred day by journeying with us through the symbols of Christmas.

Celebrating the Symbols of Christmas

Starting with the last week of November, we will observe different symbols of Christmas each week, marked by the colors gold, green, white, blue, and red. In the middle, we will hold a church-wide celebratory event for every generation altogether during Sunday morning worship. And our celebrations will culminate in one service at 11 am on Christmas Eve. The details are as follows:

November 26 – Gold

The wise men brought the baby Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh in reverent worship. We observe this tradition every year by giving gifts to each other. What finest gift are you bringing our King this Christmas?

December 3 – Green

Shepherds watched their flocks on a green, grassy hill outside of Bethlehem when angels appeared announcing the birth of Christ. Green is the evergreen, the Living Word. We adorn our houses with evergreen Christmas trees, garlands, and wreaths. It reminds us of how the shepherds saw the angels and immediately began to tell people all they had seen.

Dec 11 – Let’s celebrate together!

During our 11 am service only, we will host a special family Christmas service. All our church family and every generation will come together to decorate our worship center with our five colors of Christmas. Choirs will sing, families will decorate together, and we will worship Christ. We will use the stories and symbols of Christmas in our decorations. At the end of the service, we will have snow at ORBC- hot chocolate, candy canes, pictures with Santa, snowmen, reindeer in costumes, and three different areas of snow on campus for kids to play in. There will face painting, fun, and festivities galore.

Dec 17 – White and blue

The wise men followed a star to the newborn King, symbolized by white. White also reminds us of the purity of Christ. Blue is for the night sky the star traveled through. The star told the wise men a King would be born to the Jews and led them to Bethlehem.

Dec 24 – Red

Every Christmas, we decorate with poinsettias, candy canes, and lots and lots of red. Red points forward to the reason Jesus was born. He came to shed His blood on the cross to pay for our sins and reconcile us to God. This single event changed everything. Has it changed you?

All About that Small Babe in the Manger

Christmas is all about the birth of our King and Savior, Jesus. It’s a time to remember the day God became Man to reconcile us all to Himself through His death on a cross. The symbols of Christmas remind us of the earth-shattering reality of that holy night. He lived as a man, died, and rose again so you could have life in Him. Do you have His life?

Join Us as we experience the symbols of Christmas this year and discover the true meaning of the birth of Christ.

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