Joy is needed for life just as much as air is. It is a natural by-product of living the way Jesus calls us to live, and it is what gives us a reprieve from the harsher parts of the world. When we feel joyless, which joyful people in the Bible do we look to as an example? 

Who are the people in the Bible who chose joy over despair?

While there are so many examples of joyful people in the Bible, a few immediately jump to mind. King David wrote about joy in the Psalms often. Ruth also chose to focus on joy in the face of tragedy constantly. Joseph chose to take joy in God’s love instead of focusing on his hardship, and Paul constantly spoke about the joy he has from the Lord. Let’s look closely at these 4 joyful people. 

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  1. King David
  2. Ruth
  3. Joseph
  4. Paul 

1) King David

King David was known as a man after God’s own heart, and that was obvious in his poetry. He constantly was writing about how much he loved the Lord, despite the hardships he went through. 

Many of his Psalms ask the Lord for help as much as they praise. In Psalms 5:1-2, David asks the Lord to listen to his cries for help and then praises the Lord later in the passage. Often, David shows us that joy and grief tend to go hand in hand. 

2) Ruth

Joy can always be found, even in the most despairing circumstances. Ruth displays that when she decided to leave her old people and stay with her mother-in-law, even though her husband had died. Ruth 1:16 says, “Do not urge me to leave you, or turn my back from following you; for where you go, I will go and where you stay I will stay. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God.” 

What a beautiful display of loyalty, kindness, and joy in the midst of a terrible situation. 

3) Joseph

Just as Ruth and David did, Joseph was joyful despite being put through several trials throughout his life. From being sold into slavery by his brothers to being thrown in jail for something he didn’t do, Joseph did not lose his faith in the Lord and took joy in the blessings He bestowed upon him. 

When Joseph was reunited with his brothers once again, they asked him for forgiveness. He did forgive them, and he told them that what they had intended for harm, the Lord had turned to good. He decided to look for joy in his situation, and it benefitted him. 

4) Paul

Finally, Paul was constantly telling his churches to be joyful. In Philippians, Paul tells the church of Philippi that to him, to live is Christ, and to die is gain and if they wanted to make his joy complete they would be of the same mind and be united under their same purpose as Christians. 

How to Be Joyful

So how do we maintain joy, even when we feel hopeless? Well, one thing all the joyful people in the Bible had in common was their faith that the Lord would take care of them no matter the situation. Knowing you are covered by the Almighty does a lot to bring joy out of any circumstance. 

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