Some of us have had bad experiences in the church, others may have questions about our faith, and still others may have just gotten tired of the whole thing. But whatever the case, it’s never too late to come back to God. The question is simply how to do that.

A journey back to a positive relationship with God will look drastically different for everyone. Very few people will have a Damascus road moment, and for many, it takes a lot of time. You may have no idea where to start. First of all, take a breath–God is patient and will not force you to rush your decision. Now, let’s look at a few ways to work on beginning to restore your faith and your relationship with God.

Nothing is more important than building a positive relationship with God. But how can you restore your faith after a period of doubt or apathy? Here are a few ideas. #ORBC #Christianliving #Biblestudy Click To Tweet

Try to Identify the Problem

Simply put: how did this start? Did you have questions, did you have a bad experience, or did you simply stop caring? You may be able to answer this question for yourself, though talking things out with someone else could be very enlightening. Try to understand what caused you to drift away. Once you know how this started, you have a better idea of how to correct it.

You may never be able to identify an exact trigger, and that’s okay. Even acknowledging the problem, even if you can’t determine the cause, is a huge step in the right direction.

Invest in Your Relationship with God

The most important step to resolve a conflict is to invest in your relationship with the other person. Spend time with them, do things for them, etc. It’s no different for your relationship with God. Learn how to talk to God again and use your time in ways that you know will honor Him. Demonstrate a willingness and eagerness to reignite your relationship.

Find Answers to Your Questions

This is much easier said than done. Some questions about the Bible simply can’t be answered by people alone. Even prayer and diligent study may not be enough. However, taking the time to research and seek wisdom about your questions demonstrates a willingness to learn. And as God has promised, He gives wisdom to those who ask for it. Spending time familiarizing yourself with the Bible and with the Author may help you find the answers you want.

Grow Deeper: Asking tough questions about the Bible is not a bad thing. Questions coming from a desire to understand more reflect an interest and investment in your relationship with God.

Restoring Your Faith

Don’t try to force yourself to return to your faith overnight. While God can and certainly does provide epiphanies or miraculous revelations, your experience may be more gradual. Just remember that God is patient and will wait for you.

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