Christianity has been under fire since Christ Himself walked the earth. Persecution, political attacks, and martyrdom fill the history books. While that’s not currently the case in the U.S., regular church-going is seen by many as quaint or old-fashioned, and strong believers of God experience ridicule in popular media for their perceived naivety. When you are among your church family on Sunday, it’s easy to stand tall in your faith, but what about the rest of the week?

Being an Unashamed Believer

Being unashamed means putting your faith entirely in God, confident in the knowledge that he will lead you. Your Christian faith requires a strong determination to follow God’s plan for you, regardless of what the world throws your way. It’s not enough to say that you believe. You must rejoice in that belief, share it with others and trust it entirely. Click To Tweet

Choose Christ Daily

Why is it so easy to sin? When faced with the choice to amplify God in the presence of others, or remain quiet, remaining quiet is just easier. When your alarm goes off, it’s easier to hit the snooze button than it is to rise up and attend Bible fellowship. Your humanity means that temptation will be a constant struggle and you will have to consciously choose God every single day. You will find, He Himself will give you both the will and ability.

Be an Example

There is no greater way to share the gospel than through example. Live your life, in every moment, as though He were beside you. God rewards the humble, those who choose obedience at whatever cost. When you put God first, others will take notice. They’ll wonder what’s so different about you.

Lean on Mentors

The journey of the unashamed believer can be difficult and was not meant to be taken alone. You need people who understand your weaknesses and love you enough to hold you accountable. You need people with experience and wisdom that you may lack, to point you in the right direction when you start to wander. Perhaps this person is a family friend or church leader, but they should become a trusted confidant and ally in Christ.

Forgive Yourself

You aren’t perfect, and God doesn’t expect you to be. He died for your sins and your imperfections – every single one of them. You will find yourself falling short daily, in your thoughts and sometimes in your choices.The enemy will condemn, telling you that you’ve sinned too much to receive forgiveness, so you might as well continue in sin because there’s no overcoming it. That is a lie, meant to keep you from fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. When you make mistakes, go to God for forgiveness, but also remember to forgive yourself. He will empower you even in that.

Hiding Your Belief

The temptation to hide your faith can be very subtle. It may start as innocently as telling non-believer friends that you’re ‘not that religious’ to avoid further scrutiny or just to fit in.  In those moments, remember that the Bible calls on believers to not be ashamed of the gospel.

Walking Tall in the Light of Christ

If you choose to walk tall in the light of Christ, unashamed, you must be willing to look foolish to those who don’t understand. Think of Noah, diligently building an ark to prepare for a flood almost no one believed would come. You must be willing to stand up for the less fortunate and the broken. Think of Esther, risking her own life to save the Jews. When you are in tune with God’s will, you will find that you’re more perceptive to His call and ready to live every day, unashamed.

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