Life is busy and you can never squeeze enough hours out of the day to finish everything on your plate. At the same time, you want to know God more and you want to grow and you want a bigger faith. One powerful way to know Him more is through His Word.

The Power of the Word of God for You

The Word of God is unlike any other book or writing ever created. It is powerful and living and timeless. There is one God, one holy mighty God, and He gave us this revelation of Himself so we could know Him. Consider the following ways the Word of God will change your life:

Leads you to faith.

Your mind and your heart will reflect what you think and meditate on. Most of us want to have a bigger, more mature faith in God. One way to help your faith grow is regularly hearing His Word at church and studying His Word on your own.

Leads you to righteousness.

Regular exposure to the truth of His Word will also change the way you live. As you hear and study about and know Him more, His righteousness will show up in your daily living more and more.

Leads you to growth.

This life after salvation is all about becoming more like Jesus through prayer, reading His Word, and living in Him. Reading His Word is an essential component because in it He reveals Himself to us. The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to man. Knowing Jesus and reading His Word is the only way to know Him and grow in Him.

Leads you to wisdom.

The Word of God equips us to make wise choices and to approach all the challenges life will bring us with wisdom. Not the wisdom of an expensive college degree or an internet guru, but the wisdom of Heaven. God gives us His wisdom as we engage with His Word.

Get Connected

If you want the power of the Word of God active in your life, there is no other way but to engage with His Word. This sacred text, holy and inspired by God Himself, will transform your life beyond your wildest imaginings. Don’t wait! Read His Word. Hear His Word. Live His Word.

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