We hear about the Holy Spirit all the time in church and in scripture. We know that God is 3-in 1, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The scriptures tell us that the Holy Spirit is our guide through life. How then do you manifest this relationship to hear God’s guidance?

The answer is not easily expressed through a few words in a blog post. The magnitude of the power of the Holy Spirit is incomprehensible to us on earth. However, the teachings of Jesus remind us that the Holy Spirit is an essential component of the Christian faith. If you want to strengthen your relationship with the Holy Spirit, here’s how you can begin that journey. Click To Tweet

Spend Time Reading God’s Word

In order to build a relationship with God, you have to spend time in His word. Having faith in Jesus Christ and believing that he is the Son of God the Father is the foundation of Christianity. However, this alone is not enough to have a true, deep relationship with the Lord. Paul says in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God …” This means to know the Holy Spirit, you must spend time meditating on the Bible.

Pro Tip: The more you know and understand His word, the more you know and understand the Holy Spirit.

Praise in all Circumstances

It’s easy to give thanks and praise to God when life is good. On the contrary, it takes dedication and discipline to praise Him when circumstances are rough. If you worship God on your worst days in your worst situation, you will feel the Holy Spirit in an unfathomable way. Consciously choose to give him praise when you’re at your lowest point and you will see blessings unfold before your eyes.

A Personal Relationship

The Holy Spirit filled your soul when you decided to choose eternal life with your belief in Jesus’s death and resurrection. The Bible compares being filled with the Holy Spirit to being drunk and silly. Your relationship with God, Jesus, and the Spirit is personal. Continue to ask Him to lead and guide you through all that you do.

Ignite Your Faith

It’s wonderful to be a part of a Christian church or a Christian community. It’s even better to believe in the death of Jesus, and furthermore that he rose from the dead. But, if you want to ignite your faith and have a meaningful relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit beyond your early Christian relationship, you must invest time and energy into these relationships.

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