Your Quick Guide to Understanding the Holy Spirit

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Faith

The Christian life sometimes feels like you’re just walking in the dark, unsure about the steps you’re taking. God seems distant, verses in the Bible may seem hard to understand, and the life He’s called you to seems impossible. The good news is He knows your heart and He’s provided a solution to your every need, including this one. This time the solution isn’t any one thing, Bible verse, or life hack. It’s a person. He is the Holy Spirit.

Understanding the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God just as Jesus is God and the Father is God. They are one God in Three Persons, fully Divine, distinct yet One. Of the three, the Holy Spirit is likely the least understood and discussed among Christians. However, He is fundamental to your life and walk in Christ. Consider the following quick guide:

1) Inspired the Scriptures.

The Holy Spirit moved in the lives of more than 40 holy men over a period of 1600 years to write the histories, poetry, songs, letters, prophecy, and gospels that would become the Bible, God’s revelation of Himself to us. He used men but He is the Author. This is what 2 Timothy 3:16 means when it says all Scripture is “God-breathed” or “inspired by God.”

2) Illuminates those who believe.

Not only did He inspire all Scripture, He also illuminates your heart and mind so you can understand God’s truth. When you read the Bible, the Holy Spirit is there with you, guiding you into all understanding.

3) Exalts Christ.

God christened the beginning of the ministry of Jesus with a visit from the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. A voice was heard declaring Jesus as God’s Son in whom He is well pleased. The Spirit is continuously exalting Christ, lifting Him up, and making Him known.

4) Convicts us of sin.

The Bible says it is the Holy Spirit that convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgment. He is pulling you toward God and away from sin. He illuminates your heart, lighting the dark places, and exposing sin. Ignoring Him leads to sleeping in the Light and becoming numb to sin. Obeying the conviction of the Spirit, however, renews your heart and mind and allows God to bring you closer.

5) Calls people to the Savior.

The Holy Spirit not only exalts Christ continuously, He is also constantly calling people to the Savior. He is beckoning all to believe and be reconciled to God.

6) Agent of regeneration.

When you first believe, it is the Holy Spirit who regenerates your heart. Regeneration is a fancy way of saying He gives you a new heart.

7) Baptizes believers into the Body of Christ.

When you believe, the Holy Spirit baptizes you into the Body of Christ at the moment He gives you a new heart. This marks the beginning of your new identity in Christ.

8) Cultivates Christian character.

The Holy Spirit draws you to the Father and is God’s Instrument for affecting change and growth. It is the Spirit who brings you to maturity in Christ. He called you to Christ before you believed and He leads you to become more like Christ in the process of Sanctification.

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9) Comforts believers.

The Bible says the Holy Spirit is your Comforter. Specifically, He comforts you along the road of Sanctification. If you are persecuted, when obedience hurts, or when you suffer loss and heartache, He comforts your heart and lifts your head. He gives you peace in Christ.

10) Bestows gifts of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is also the giver of spiritual gifts. When you believe, He gives you a set of spiritual gifts specific to your personality, life, and the works He has prepared for you. He calls us all to minister to one another according to the gifts He gives us.

11) Seals believers.

At the moment of belief, you were sealed by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of promise. He is the guarantee of our eternal inheritance in Christ. You who believe are sealed by the Spirit and covered in the blood of Jesus. Truly no one can take you out of His hands.

12) God’s guarantee He’ll finish His work in you.

The Spirit in you is also God’s guarantee that He will finish the work He’s begun in you. He won’t stop until you’ve become a perfect image of His Son. The Spirit is continuously working in your heart to change you to become more like Christ.

13) Enlightens and empowers you.

The Holy Spirit continues to enlighten you in all truth, allowing you to understand Scripture, and drawing you closer to the Father. He also empowers you and His church to complete the work He has prepared for us. Notice it’s His work He will do in and through us. We only need to be willing and available.

Walking By the Spirit

Just like Jesus and God the Father, the Holy Spirit is a key player in your spiritual walk. He is your Comforter, Guide, Agent of Sanctification, and more. Your Seal of promise. He is also your key to growing in Christ. Don’t ignore or resist Him, rather walk by the Spirit and discover the incredible life God has in store for you. Get started with this guide to understanding the Holy Spirit.

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