When you were young, chances are your mom told you to be a good example to your siblings or friends. Perhaps you were trying to sit still in church or be quiet at school. Back then, the directive felt like being stifled. However, being a good example is a powerful thing, and turns you into an instrument of God. In Matthew 5:16 we read, Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Click To Tweet

Being a Good Example

If you’ve ever walked out of a movie theater into the bright afternoon sun, then you understand the momentary disorientation it causes. For a moment, the bright sun blinds you and it takes a few moments to get used to the light. For people who have lived much of their lives in the dark, living in the light of Christ may take some getting used to. They may need someone ahead of them to guide the way.

Be Honest

Whether it is at work, home or church, always be honest. This is the fundamental change the gospel brings. You can now be completely honest with your own heart before God, and let that honesty redefine every other aspect of your life. Lies, after all, beget more lies and cause anxiety and shame. Spreading lies or rumors creates a web of trouble, waiting to be unraveled with the tug of a single thread. When people see that you abstain from gossip and untruths, they are more likely to follow your lead. You will become a trusted ally for your brothers and sisters in need of a confidante.

Be Cheerful

Being cheerful is contagious, and it’s a good thing to catch from others. It doesn’t mean that you have to smile all the time or laugh louder than everyone else. Being cheerful shows that you’re trusting in God, and the plan he has set forth for you. It means that no matter what comes at you in life, you don’t let it defeat you. This is one of the simplest but most powerful ways to be an example, as it lifts others up without a word. People are drawn to you and trust that if you can get through it with God, maybe they can too. Rejoice in the Lord and the work He’s doing in you!

Love One Another

If we are told to live like God, then loving one another is the obvious primary objective. Christ loved everyone without qualification, including thieves, prostitutes, tax collectors, the sick and the poor. He loved people who were devoted to Him and those who were adrift. He even gave his unwavering love to difficult people. If you believe the Bible and truly trust in God, then He will enable you to love like He loves.

Influencing Others to Come unto Christ

“Do as I say, not as I do” just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the gospel. From your children to your coworkers to people ringing you up at the supermarket, you are influencing others with your actions and attitude. It’s an extremely powerful opportunity to shine His light into the darkness. To make a difference for the Kingdom in the lives around you. That difference, however, has to begin inside you.

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