Have you faced adversity? The Bible is full of examples of persecution and tribulations experienced by both the faithful and the lost. The power in these examples isn’t the experiences themselves but in the responses to them. Those that follow God don’t become bitter in the face of adversity. Instead, they become examples of generosity and hope.

Overcoming Adversity

Throughout the Old Testament Christians are a misunderstood minority, but because they are chosen by God, their persecution is an opportunity for growth. 1 Peter gives persecuted Christians a powerful reminder that they always have hope in the midst of trials and suffering. It’s easy when faced with adversity to think that you’re an isolated case, but everyone has trials. Have faith that God has a purpose for everything that touches your life. Click To Tweet

Turn To God

When faced with challenges, the tendency is to turn inward. However, that doesn’t help you grow or learn from your experiences. Turn to God, humble yourself and let Him show you the way forward.

Set an Example

Adversity is a change to set an example of the love and grace of God. When those around you see you handle hardships with unwavering love and patience, they see a true example of a Christian.

Gaining Clarity

Challenges, persecution, and adversity provide clarity to the believer. The world provides stimulation overload and will try to tell you what you should think about and prioritize. Adversity strips all the pretenses away and leaves you with a clarity and simplicity of thought.

Be Better, Not Bitter

Use failures as fuel, and adversities as a guiding force to lead you where you need to be. Take each challenge as a lesson, making you a better Christian, rather than a bitter being.

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