Imagine being among the first to discover the empty tomb of Jesus. What a startling, wondrous, and potentially sinister occasion. The thoughts that might have run through your head. What happened? Where is He? Who took our Lord’s body? Maybe everything would have clicked in that moment and you would have known He is alive. Maybe you would have panicked. At any rate, here we are. He is risen. He is Lord. And what does it all mean today for a church in Spring, TX? Consider His resurrection and what it means for you.

The Tomb Was Empty

Sunday morning, you run with the others to His tomb, still processing the events of the previous day and weeks and months. When you arrive, the tomb is empty and He is gone. His words start coming back to you. Prophecy. Dying. Three Days. Rising. Messiah. He is the glorious risen King who will one day reign over all of Heaven and earth. But how did He get there?

Take This Cup, Yet Not My Will

The answer is He was faithful to God the Father. He was faithful even to death and death on a cross, at that. You’ve probably seen the movie and heard the reports. Death by crucifixion is a horrendous, unbelievably painful, and slow way to die. It was saved for the worst criminals. They were left to hang on the cross for hours and days, struggling for air. Pushing themselves up on the nails in their feet to gasp for air over and over again until their strength failed. They would die from asphyxiation.

Jesus had already been scourged and beaten nearly to death before His crucifixion even began. Yet, He was faithful. They spat on Him and mocked Him. Yet He was faithful. They shoved a crude crown of thorns on His head. He had sweat and blood in His eyes. Yet He was faithful. And what about you and me?

He is Risen in You

This same faithfulness is alive today, living in all who believe. If you believe Jesus paid your price with His death on the cross, He is risen in you and you have everything you need in Him. You have access to all the resources of His faithfulness, love, peace- even the very character of God. He lives in you! Let His faithfulness inspire you, knowing you have all the power of His resurrection and every resource you need in Him. My friend, join us this Friday and Sunday as we seek inspiration together remembering the tomb was empty. For more information on what His resurrection means for you or for service times,  Contact Us.

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