Have you ever walked into someone’s home and immediately felt at peace? It’s almost as if there’s an aura of goodness that surrounds you. The Spirit of God is apparent in the homes of those who pray sincerely, study the scriptures diligently, seek after virtuous thoughts, and worship in their homes and at church. When you don’t feel the spirit in your heart or your home, it’s often the first indication that you may have slightly lost track of the path you should follow.

Invite The Spirit Into Your Home

The first step in fostering a peaceful environment at home is to clean it up! This can be one of the biggest challenges in any home and is difficult if you have children running around. But keeping your home clean and organized can really help your mind and spirit feel at ease. Here are some other ways to invite the Spirit of God into your home:

Listen to What Lifts You

Worship music keeps your heart and mind set on the Lord and focused on what matters. Worship music and audio sermons have the ability to transform your home into a source of light and peace. There are so many secular shows or songs you could listen to, but do they invite the spirit to dwell in your home? Are there messages in them that you’d rather not receive? Remember to listen to what uplifts you!


Prayer is one of the most powerful tools in redirecting your thoughts towards God. The Bible urges you to pray continuously, so when you have a quiet moment at home, devote some time to prayer. You can pray for guidance, peace, wisdom or for others. Whatever’s in your heart. Prayers act as your direct communion with God and can help you to welcome His presence into your heart and your home.

Get the Right Reading Material

Make sure there are plenty of uplifting books around your home. Encourage your children to read spiritually strengthening material that combines entertainment with valuable Biblical lessons.  Having several Bibles in your home is always a good idea, but it’s important to supplement your Bible study with other reading material so you have plenty of options.


Many people have become so dependent on phones and computers that it can be a challenge to separate from them, despite the many benefits of unplugging periodically.  Taking time to unplug from your devices frees you up to enjoy a slower and more peaceful start to your day. You don’t wake up with digital noise distracting you from having real conversations with your family and friends. Unplugging has been shown to improve feelings of health, wellness, and overall quality of life.

A Peaceful Home

Creating an atmosphere of love, kindness and peace go far beyond music, books, and prayer. Respect each other. Be kind. Avoid contention. Practicing patience, compassion and thoughtfulness can help your entire family grow closer to God.

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