In a world where sinful behavior is the norm, it can be a challenge to be a devoted Christian. God gave us his son for our salvation, but he requires our devotion and commitment in return. With all of the worldly troubles, it’s difficult to redirect our focus to God.

As Christians, we are constantly striving to show others who God is through our actions. God is love and requires us to act in love in all that we do. Here are a few suggestions intended to help you grow your faith while serving God. Click To Tweet

Use Your Talents

God gave you your unique creative abilities and skills for a reason. He wants you to use them to glorify Him. Do you like to create pottery, paint or craft? Bring your creations to a homeless shelter and spend a few hours talking to the lost and the hungry like God intended. Do you like to make music? Use these talents to worship Him. You will be amazed at how this will bring you closer to God.

Spend Time in God’s Word

The Bible is called God’s Word for a reason. He spoke it into existence. The Bible is here for us to understand God’s heart. Make it a personal goal to read the Bible every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Spending this alone time with God will give you a chance to hear His voice and increase your spiritual growth. There are many free online publications of the Bible in many versions besides King James. Find your favorite publication and bookmark it for quick access throughout the day.    

Spend Time in Nature

God created the world for us to enjoy. Take a moment each day to breathe in the scenery around you. If you can, silence your cell phone and go on a walk outdoors. Remember that God painted the sky for you. The flowers and butterflies are beautiful and created by Him.

Pro Tip: Appreciating the small things will not only help you feel centered but draw you closer to God.

Find God in All Things

God is all things that are right, beautiful, and holy. He doesn’t want you to feel guilty for not reading your Bible. Those feelings don’t come from Him. If you can find God in all that you do, you’ll be surprised at how your faith grows.

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