We live in an era of impatience, where everyone is in a hurry and few take the time to look up from their phones. Patience is a cardinal characteristic of God, so developing and demonstrating patience is one of the first steps to developing genuine godliness. You must learn to endure patiently to realize God’s purpose for you. Click To Tweet

The Importance of Being Patient

The Dictionary defines patience as “the capacity, habit, or fact of bearing pains or trials calmly, or without complaint.” This meaning is not dissimilar to the spiritual definition of patience.  True Godly patience is facing an unpleasant or irritating situation and bearing it without complaint. When you find yourself fighting feelings of impatience, follow these simple steps to get back on the right track:

Practice Empathy

You might find yourself behind a young mother in line at the grocery store. You’ve only got a few things to buy, while she piles the conveyor belt high with items. You start to tap your foot with impatience, annoyed that she didn’t let you go in front of her. When you catch yourself fighting impatience, step back and look at the situation with empathy. The woman is juggling groceries and tired kids. She is probably a bit embarrassed and seems frazzled. She could probably use some help with those groceries, don’t you think? Practicing empathy allows you to put yourself in her shoes, and see her through God’s lens.

Take a Break

This may sound contradictory, but in the face of trials or inconveniences, take a deep breath and a break from what’s bothering you.  Immerse yourself in God’s word, take a short walk outside, or visit a good friend. Revisit the issue at another time, when you feel more at peace. If you’re out, pull up some scripture stories related to patience, to remind yourself of others who have faced far worse than you with grace and compassion. These mental breaks can put things into perspective and helps to avoid situations that could lead to careless words and hurt feelings.

Ask For God’s Help

As with all things, asking for God’s help is vital for personal growth. A simple prayer asking God to grant you empathy and patience can give you a powerful sense of peace. However, when you pray for help or guidance, what’s your timeline for a response? People tend to grow impatient and lose hope when help seems slow in coming, but it is important to be patient with God too! Prayers should not be sporadic, but a daily conversation with God to refocus your heart on what’s important.

True Patience

People with true patience bear trials calmly, aware that every loss is a lesson. God wants us to stand tall in the face of adversity. Patient people are not impetuous but act with wisdom and discretion. If you wait for God, live a righteous life, practice patience and endure to the end, a blessed future awaits you.

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