Get Your Faith Back on Track

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Christian Living, Faith

Every now and then, Christians will experience doubts about their faith. Some simply drift away or stop taking it seriously. If you’ve noticed this happening to you and want to get your faith back on track and get right with the Lord, don’t worry–it’s always possible to return to God.

It’s important to remember that it’s human to have periods of doubt or complacency. As long as you work on getting right with God once again, there’s no need to continue feeling guilty about backsliding. Your relationship with God can survive if you truly want it to.

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Acknowledge What You’re Doing

The first step in fixing a problem is admitting that the problem exists. Be honest with yourself and God as you examine just how far you’ve strayed. More importantly, be honest about why this happened. Do you have questions that aren’t getting answered? Are you just not as invested in your faith as you once were? Take the time to acknowledge your problem and see what the ultimate cause could be.

Pro Tip: Introspection and acknowledging your sin or shortcomings can be a painful process. Just remember that God loves you and will welcome you back if you truly repent.

Cultivate New Friendships and Revive Old Ones

As you drifted away from God, you might have drifted away from friends who encouraged you to build your relationship with the Lord. Now’s the time to see if those relationships can be restored. Get in touch with old friends and see if they’d like to join you in your return to God, or find new godly friends to encourage you on your journey. God never intended for you to live your life in isolation from others. Find someone willing to be your support as you take simple steps back toward God.

Rebuild Good Habits

It’s too simplistic to say that reading the Bible or volunteering more will restore your relationship with God. On their own, neither one will. However, there are some good habits you can work on rebuilding that will help you focus more on the Lord. First of all, spend time in prayer! The best way to get to know someone is to spend time with them, after all.

Second, take the time to listen to teachings or read articles that deal with some of the questions you may be struggling with. A variety of teachers and perspectives all focused on finding the truth in God’s Word could help you organize your own beliefs. Try getting started with live-streamed or recorded Sunday sermons.

Focus on Your Spiritual Health

There is nothing more important than your relationship with God. Restoring a damaged relationship takes time and effort, and should never feel forced or rushed. As you work on returning to your first love, remember that God is patient and will wait for you to return. Don’t let anyone, even well-meaning Christians, bully you into “fixing” things too quickly. Focus on rebuilding your relationship with God as He draws you back, on no one’s timetable but His and yours.

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