The Resurrection split reality in two. Death is defeated. Jesus will come again. And God Himself now lives inside all of us who believe through the Holy Spirit. You have life with the Holy Spirit empowering and guiding you from within! Imagine what the Old Testament believers would have thought of that.

Following Christ: 3 Things the Resurrection Means for You

The resurrection life is far superior to any other life you could ever find. Because of the Resurrection, when you believe in Christ’s payment for your sin, your world fundamentally changes. When God sees you, He now sees His Son. Jesus’ blood covers all your sin. And He lives inside you. He took your sin and gave you His life. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for you in Spring, TX.

God Himself lives inside you.

God is no longer a distant Deity, looking down on you from across the Universe. There is no veil in the temple, no holy of holies you cannot approach. God lives in you! You have direct access to the Almighty God, Creator of all things.

You are covered in the blood of the Lamb.

This has to do with your sin. At the moment you believe, all your sins are paid for- past, present, and future. When God looks at you, He sees Jesus. The blood of Christ covers your sinfulness in His white robes. You don’t have to hide your sin and you don’t have to hide from God because of sin. Instead, you can approach Him boldly.

You have every resource in Christ in you.

This is all about the power of the resurrection. Not only are your sins forgiven, but you are empowered by the Living God to follow Christ. You are empowered to confess and turn away from sin. You are empowered to be His agent on the earth, giving the world a glimpse of His kingdom. Finally, you are empowered to follow hard after Christ, to live for Him, and to give your life for Him daily and ultimately. You are equipped in every way to be an image of Him, to be sold out for Christ.

Where is Your Heart?

The reality of His Resurrection life living inside you and me is the secret of the ages. It’s weighty, dynamic, and beyond all understanding. You have tremendous power in Him. Nevertheless, following Christ may seem difficult at times. The reality is, however, you have every resource you will ever need to follow Him, to live for Him, and to give your life to Him. Where is your heart, Christian? Come discover with us a life passionately following Him. Contact Us to learn more about the life of Christ in you or for service times and location.

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