Jesus talked about money more than almost anything else. 1 out of every 10 verses in the four Gospels deal directly with money. The Bible as a whole offers more than 2,000 verses on money and possessions. We talk an awful lot about prayer and faith, but get squeamish with the topic of money. Why is that? Did you know the Bible has only 500 verses on prayer and less than 500 on faith? Hebrews 13:5-6 warns us against “the love of money”, instructing us to be content with what we have. How are you doing with that? Let’s take a closer look.

Love of Money: The Diagnosis

Why did Jesus talk so much about money? Some seem to believe money is evil and Christians shouldn’t try to make it, or at least, not very much of it. Others seem to believe that’s all God is interested in and wants for us, to be wealthy. It can be hard to know where to begin. Money, in and of itself, is a neutral agent. Like any other tool, it can be used for good or ill. Having or not having money isn’t the issue, unless it is. Consider this quote from George MacDonald, “If it be things that slay you, what matter whether things you have or things you have not?”

What is eating away at your heart? Perhaps your desire for money or possessions is consuming all your time and thoughts. Whether you have it or you don’t, what you have is never enough. Do you always have to have the latest and greatest? The reason Jesus and the Bible talk so much about money is because how we feel about money and what we do with it are strong indicators of the state of our heart. And all our heart is all He’s after.

Contentment: The Remedy

If we have been diagnosed with the love of money, the only cure is contentment. To be content with what you have, whether much or little, is the first principle in God’s view of being faithful in my finances. If you are content, no matter how much money you ever make or how little you have, nothing will ever slay you. Money is not your Master. No thing is your Master. You may wonder, though, what is the key to godly contentment. Whether you have great wealth or want, contentment is unsurprisingly only in Christ who is in you. He is your Master, and in Him you are free.

Freedom is the Beginning

What you think and do with your money is a good indication of where your heart is. Are you content in Christ-in-you? Or is the love of money eating away at your heart? Finding your contentment in Christ is just the beginning of God’s desire for you concerning money. What is slaying you, Christian? Wherever you find yourself, join us Sunday in our journey to discover what it means to be Faithful, Inspired, and Transformed. Contact Us for more information on #orbcFIT and for service times and location.

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