You did it. You found the Light, the Answer to life’s most fundamental questions. God is real, He is active, His name is Jesus, and He loves you. Your soul is at rest knowing Jesus died in your place and you no longer have to strive to be acceptable to God. It’s a tremendous reality with power to transform your life fundamentally. Your life actually will never be the same. However, what happens when your soul’s rest turns to slumber?

5 Dangers of Apathy in the Light  

You may have known the Lord for a long, long while, and that’s awesome. Or you may have come to know Him recently, and that’s awesome too. Either way, it’s super easy to compartmentalize life and go on autopilot. To keep “spiritual” things in your church box and remain apathetic to real spiritual growth. Consider the following 5 dangers of sleeping in the light:

1) Spiritual stagnation.

When you sleep, your brain and body slow down to a crawl. This is necessary for cell reproduction and repair so when you wake up, your body is refreshed and ready for more living. Spiritually speaking, periodic rest is a good thing for similar reasons. Spiritual sleep-walking, however, leads to spiritual stagnation. You can’t grow when all you do is sleep.  

2) Insensitivity to spiritual things.

Continued spiritual stagnation makes you insensitive to spiritual things. God often speaks in gentle whispers. The more you grow in Him and engage in prayer, reading Scripture, and joining in His work, the easier it is, in general, to perceive His voice. Understand this isn’t a guaranteed formula, but a general principle. The opposite is also true. The less you engage in prayer, Scripture, and His work, the harder it is to perceive His voice. You become insensitive to the Spirit and the things of the Spirit.

3) Growing numb to sin.

The longer you let yourself sleep spiritually, the more you run the risk of growing numb to sin. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, but if you’re sleeping, you’ll begin to ignore the Spirit’s tugging. Just like you are not aware of what’s going on around you when you are physically asleep, you won’t be aware of the Spirit’s voice inside. The longer you sleep, the more comfortable with sin you may become.

Salvation is good, living in Christ is better.

4) Missing out on God’s mission.

God is alive and active- He’s always working all around you. He’s got endless opportunities for you to join Him in the work He’s accomplishing. He will accomplish His mission – with or without you. If you’re not available, He’ll do it without you. Don’t miss out on God’s best in your life!

5) Becoming a bad leg (or nose or ear.)

Spiritual slumber also makes you unavailable to the body of Christ. We are all called to minister to one another. We are all called to use the gifts He’s given us to minister to the body of Christ. When you sit on your leg in a weird position for too long, something strange happens to it. You try to stand up and it feels like a thousand pins and needles are sticking into it and you can’t walk on it very well. You’ll say your leg is asleep. It’s pretty useless until you can get the blood flowing again. Don’t be a bad leg or nose or eye or ear in the body of Christ!

Wake Up, O, Sleeper!

Salvation is good, living in Christ is better. God has a life you could never have imagined planned for you, and believing in Jesus is just the first step. Rest in His grace, dear Christian, but don’t sleep your spiritual life away. Abundant life is yours.

Every day.

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