Powerful Reasons to Be Thankful Every Day

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Faith

This usually begins the time of year we pause and think about everything we have to be thankful for. It’s tempting to enjoy the food, family, and fun without taking a moment to show gratitude to God. This month, make it a goal to give glory to God and thank him every day for all that you have.  As a believer in Christ, you have much to be thankful for. Read these powerful blessings and feel the joy of His love! Click To Tweet

Reasons to Be Thankful Every Day

As a believer in Christ, there is so much to be thankful for. You know and are known by the only Living God!. You may wonder how you can even begin to thank Him for all He has done for you. If you feel despair or find yourself comparing what you have with what someone else has, use this list to come back to Him:

God is Good

Our God is good and all good things come from Him.  You can rest and be at peace in every moment because God is good and He has you in His hands. Jesus said He gives us His unshakable peace. You are at peace with God because you have been reconciled. He will continue to give you peace as you follow Him through this world. His peace is not dependent on circumstance, feeling, or effort, but wholly dependent on Who He is. As such, it cannot be taken away.

You Are Forgiven

All your sins, past, present, and future, are forgiven the moment you believe in HIm. You have been made right with God, brought into His fold, and He no longer sees or remembers your sin. When He sees you, He sees a beloved son or daughter.

You Are Connected to Him

You are immeasurably blessed to have the word of God in your hands. You may have several copies on the bookshelf or even on a smartphone. You can read it any time, all the time, from anywhere to immediately feel His spirit. You have many resources available to you online for bible study, interpretation, and devotionals. You are connected to the body of Christ. That means that you don’t have to do it alone. As a community, you can honor Christ and join together to complete His work and spread His message.

You Are Saved 

There is absolutely nothing you could ever do to earn or keep your salvation. All you have to do is believe and God provides it. The quality of the relationship you have with God may change based on your decisions, behavior, and habits, but your salvation is a gift.  If you believe Jesus died in your place and you have been reconciled to God, He lives in you. You have been crucified and resurrected in Christ. The old person is gone and all things are new. Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

Go Forth With Joy

Psalm 107:1 reads: Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

There is no end to the life and gifts God has given us and will continue to give us. His love is everlasting, unchanging, and complete. What reason do you have to despair or envy others? Go forth with joy and spread the message of His many blessing with your fellow man.

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