What is Lent in Christianity?

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Christian Living

In the days leading up to Easter, many of us may be wondering, “What is Lent in Christianity?” This blog post will go over what Lent is, the 40 days of Fasting Jesus went through in Matthew 4:1-11. Is Lent something Christians should practice, or does it get in the way of a personal relationship with Christ?

Lent is a season of time lasting about six weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. It is based on the 40 days and nights when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. There are many Christian denominations that practice Lent, including the Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox denominations, and some Protestant denominations. 

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What is Lent?

Traditionally, Lent is the time of year when we focus on repentance for our sins. It is a time to be grateful for what Jesus did for us on the cross. Christians today will pick something to give up for lent to help them remember their repentance and Jesus’s sacrifice from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.  

Originally, Christians would give up certain foods like eggs, meat, fish, and other fatty foods. In modern times Christians give up luxury items such as sugar or chocolate. Some people also give up things like social media or screen time. 

History of Lent

How did this tradition start? Well, according to Christianity.com, “No church history indicates the year when believers first took part in the tradition or what was required.” But we do know that this tradition started around 900 years after Jesus’ time. 

Do We Need to Practice it? 

Observing Lent is by no means a requirement to be Christian. The point of Lent is to meditate on the sacrifice Jesus made and to repent for our own sins. It is a ritual that is intended to bring you closer to Christ. No one should feel inadequate for not practicing Lent, but if you do, it is a way to grow more in your faith. 

Learn With ORBC

Whether you spent 40 days fasting leading up to Easter or not, Lent is a long-standing Christian tradition designed to focus on repentance and Jesus’s sacrifice. No one is required to participate in this fast, but those who do may use this time to grow in their faith.

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