Easter is a well-known holiday amongst believers and non-believers. A time to come together and bridge gaps, it is the most important Christian holiday as the events we celebrate on this day are the cornerstone of our belief. But what is this day? Why do we celebrate it, and how?

Good Friday is the day Christians remember Jesus’s crucifixion. It is a day of mourning and remembrance for the sacrifice God’s son made for all of humanity. There are several traditions for celebrating this holiday including fasting, attending a service, or reading the passion story in the gospels. 

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What is Good Friday? 

As mentioned above, Good Friday is the day we choose to remember Jesus’s sacrifice for us. On this day, the Son of God suffered and died for the sins of the world. It is a day of mourning for Christians all over the world. 

This day is always the Friday before Easter Sunday and normally falls on the first Friday in April. Although this holiday is more subdued than Easter, it is essential to the overall Easter celebration. 

Why is it called Good Friday?

Why is this holiday called “Good Friday”? There are a couple of theories on where this term comes from. The most popular is that the term good used to mean holy. Another way to look at it is that it is a “good” day because without Jesus’s death His Ressurection couldn’t happen. 

There is a common myth that the “good” in the name comes from “God Friday.” Most linguists agree that this is incorrect. Besides, it makes sense that the day Jesus Christ died is a holy day.

Holiday Traditions

What are some of these traditions? Some of the most popular ones are fasting for the day, reading the story of Jesus’s crucifixion (found in the four gospels), or attending a sermon. Some families decide to eat hot crossed buns for breakfast, an old tradition from times long past. 

Along with these traditions, there are other ones from around the world. In Bermuda, people fly kites to symbolize Jesus’s ascension to heaven. Many places produce a Passion play commemorating the crucifixion and other countries have other traditions on this day. 

Have a Blessed Good Friday

At the end of the day, Good Friday is a somber but important holiday. It is the day Christians remember the sacrifice Jesus made for all of humanity. That is what this day is all about. Celebrate Good Friday by having hot crossed buns for breakfast, fasting, praying, and reading the passion story. 

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