We all know that as Christians, we’re called to be generous. Most of us probably fulfill that obligation through tithing to church or donating to local charities. While both of these are certainly good things to do, do they truly encompass what Christian generosity should look like?

God’s generosity toward us goes above and beyond anything we can ask or think. Why shouldn’t we be prepared to give up a little more in our attempts to show Christ-like behavior? Let’s look closer at what generosity means to a Christian.

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Reflecting God’s Character

It should surprise no one that generosity is a crucial aspect of God’s character. While salvation is the obvious example, the Bible adds that God will provide everything we need and even exceed our expectations. God loves to give us spiritual blessings! While this doesn’t mean we should demand whatever we want from God whenever we want it, it does mean that we can count on God to provide what we need exactly when we need it.

Sacrificing What We Want

Not all of us are called to give every cent we earn to the poor. However, we are called to give sacrificially. It may be inconvenient to buy groceries for a single mom in need or to give up an afternoon to babysit for her, but a willingness to do both shows that you truly value her needs over your desires. And this is the least we can do. Regardless of the exact form our generosity takes, we are called to place others first and show the same love that Jesus showed to us.

How We Can Show Generosity

How can you be generous in your daily life? The answer depends both on your own situation and on the situations of those around you. Continuing our example of the single mom, running errands or babysitting while she works could both be very practical ways to help her. If she needs a place to live, helping her find somewhere to go or even taking her in shows remarkable compassion.

But since not all of us will be in a position to minister directly to single moms, how can the rest of us practice generosity? Try looking for ways to put others first. Whether it’s as simple as giving up free time to do homework with your kids or offering a water bottle to the delivery guy, sincerely kind gestures go a long way no matter their size.

Sharing God’s Love with Others

Christian generosity is about far more than just sharing what we have. We have Christ’s own example to follow! Let’s work on putting others first and looking for ways to share God’s love through our generous actions.

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