What does the Bible demand of us as Christians? Many of us have expectations of how we are supposed to act like Christians. Are those expectations from the Bible, or are we misrepresenting Christianity with our actions? 

While there are a lot of different scriptures about how we should live our lives as Christians, we want to focus on Micah 6:8 for this blog post. Micah 6:8 says, “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.” Let’s look closer at what that means: 

What does the Bible demand of us in Micah 6:8? Let’s look at what this scripture means for us as Christians, and how we can apply this wisdom. Click To Tweet

Act Justly

The first part of this scripture instructs us to act justly. What does it mean to “act justly” though? To us, this means treating those we interact with fairly and living morally according to Jesus’s teachings. 

Oftentimes we forget to act the way Jesus taught us to act. Maybe we slip up and lose our temper with a loved one because of something they said or did. Instead of treating them fairly in the way Jesus Christ would, we lash out. We are thankful for God’s grace when this happens as it allows us to seek forgiveness and start anew. 

Love Kindness

One of the biggest demands the Lord makes of us is to love kindness. It is our job as Christians to find joy in treating others kindly. We shouldn’t simply be kind to others because that is what we are supposed to do. We should be kind because we love to be kind. Showing kindness and mercy to others is one of the most important things Jesus did, and He is our example of how to live. 

Walk Humbly With Your God

Finally, Micah 6:8 tells us to walk humbly with our God. As Christians, we need to show humility in our walk with the Lord. None of us know everything there is to know about Christianity, so we need to be humble in our walk with the Lord. As we walk with the Lord, these are the main things God expects of us. 

Learn How to Do That With ORBC

This year, ORBC is focusing on Philippians 4:8 as our message for the year. We want to think about the things that are excellent and praiseworthy, and part of that is meditating on what the Lord calls us to do, like in Micah 6:8

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