What are Christian boundaries in our everyday relationships? Many of us feel like boundaries impede our ability to show Jesus in our lives but in reality, the lack of boundaries can hurt our witness to others. So how do you put healthy boundaries in without closing yourself off? 

The truth is that boundaries are good for our well-being. Every human has limits, and it is okay for us to recognize that. Boundaries help us have room to repair ourselves and are biblical. It is important to set boundaries so you can have healthy relationships with others. 

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What Are Boundaries?

What are Christian boundaries in relationships? According to the APA dictionary, boundaries are “a psychological demarcation that protects the integrity of an individual or group or that helps the person or group set realistic limits on participation in a relationship or activity.” 

What does that mean? “Protecting the integrity of an individual” is the key to that definition. You are an individual with your desires, traits, and attributes. 

All that boundaries do are define who you are and what you are comfortable with. Think of it as setting time aside for everyday maintenance. It is impossible to keep a place running without setting time aside to repair minor breaks. 

Boundaries In The Bible

The Bible talks about boundaries quite often. In Proverbs 25:17 the Bible says, “Seldom set foot in your neighbor’s house. Too much of you, and they will hate you.” It is true. 

If you show up uninvited to your neighbor’s house, you will eventually ruin that relationship. You would feel the same if someone were coming to your house unannounced, eating your food, using your things, and not saying thank you. 

There are also a few examples of Jesus taking time away from others, and not sharing everything with others. In John 2:24 the Bible says, “But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all people.” Even Jesus knew it was important to have boundaries. 

How Do I Give Myself Boundaries?

Boundaries can be hard if you’re not used to them. It may feel like you’re being selfish, but it is never selfish to take care of yourself. Know thyself is applicable when talking about boundaries. Know what you are and are not comfortable with when interacting with someone, and communicate that to them.

The conversation can look something like, “When ‘X’ happens, it makes me feel ‘Y’. In the future, I would appreciate it if ‘X’ doesn’t happen anymore. If ‘X’ does happen again, I will need to take a step back and collect myself before continuing.” 

This way you aren’t shutting anyone out, and you aren’t issuing an ultimatum, but you are lovingly protecting yourself. It is a biblical way to resolve conflict

Don’t Neglect Your Boundaries

Boundaries are necessary for healthy and lasting relationships. The Bible speaks on respecting boundaries as well as setting them, so we should do it. It may be difficult in the beginning, but practicing boundaries in our lives will help strengthen our relationships. 
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