At Oak Ridge Baptist Church (ORBC), we often talk about Followship—a concept that lies at the heart of our faith journey. Followship isn’t just about being a follower. It’s about responding to Christ’s call with humility, obedience, and devotion. In this blog post, we’ll explore what it truly means to be a follower of Christ and how this concept shapes our lives as believers.

Christ’s Personal Invitation

When we look at the Bible, we find remarkable moments where Jesus extended a personal invitation to individuals to follow Him. Take, for instance, the story of Peter, James, and John. These fishermen were going about their daily routines when Jesus called out to them by the Sea of Galilee. 

Their response was immediate—they left their nets and followed Him without hesitation. Similarly, Matthew, a tax collector, received an unexpected invitation from Jesus. These instances teach us that Christ’s call can come to us wherever we are in life, and our response can lead to transformative experiences.

The Essence of Followship

Followship isn’t about seeking recognition or power. Instead, it’s about surrendering our will to Christ and submitting ourselves to His guidance. This is quite different from what the world often defines as leadership. 

As followers of Christ, we find strength in yielding to His plan for our lives. At ORBC, our mission and values are deeply intertwined with this concept, emphasizing our shared faith journey and commitment to serving others.

Traits of a Follower of Christ

What are the qualities that define a true follower of Christ? These traits mirror the very essence of our Savior:

  • Humility: Acknowledging our need for God and approaching Him with a humble heart.
  • Obedience: Following God’s commands with reverence and trust, even when it challenges us.
  • Servanthood: Demonstrating Christ-like love by selflessly serving others, just as Jesus did.
  • Compassion: Extending empathy and kindness to everyone we encounter, reflecting Jesus’ compassion.

Navigating Challenges in Followship

Followship doesn’t exempt us from challenges. Even Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples, faced moments of doubt and struggle. Despite his initial denial of Jesus, he later found forgiveness and restoration. 

When challenges arise on our Followship journey, we’re reminded that even our moments of weakness can lead to deeper growth and unwavering faith. Our pastoral team at ORBC encourages us to lean on prayer, community, and God’s Word when doubts arise.

Answering the Call Today

As followers of Christ, we’re called to respond to His invitation in our own lives. Take a moment to reflect:

  • How has Christ’s call to Followship impacted your life’s journey?
  • What steps can you take to nurture your Followship and draw closer to God?

Remember, our Followship journey is ongoing. It’s not just a one-time decision; it’s a continuous process of growth, learning, and deepening our relationship with Christ. Let’s embrace the call to Followship with open hearts, knowing that in following Christ, we find purpose, fulfillment, and the abundant life He promises.

Trust ORBC

At ORBC, Followship is more than a word—it’s a guiding principle that shapes our lives. Christ’s invitation to follow Him isn’t just a historical event; it’s a present-day call that echoes in our hearts. As we embody the qualities of humility, obedience, servanthood, and compassion, we align ourselves with the very heart of Christ. 

So, let’s walk this Followship journey together, supporting and encouraging one another along the way. Together, we can experience the transformative power of following Christ, step by step, day by day. Contact us to learn more about how to be a follower of Christ.

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