Showing God’s Love Through a Strong Marriage

by | May 22, 2020 | Christian Living, Family

The institute of marriage is one of the first things God established after creation. Though the tradition has undergone plenty of good and bad changes throughout the years, the underlying principle is still there. A couple gets married to show they’re committed to each other for life–”to have and to hold”, as wedding vows often say.

Marriage is often used in the Bible as an example to show God’s love. Whether it’s God’s love for Israel or Jesus’ love for the church, their relationships are described as being very close to that between a husband and wife. Married Christians today should recognize that it also goes the other way–a married couple’s relationship should reflect the perfection and love in God’s relationship to us. But how can we even come close to emulating that?

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Self-Sacrificing Love for Each Other

The love between a husband and wife is one of the most intimate things anyone can experience. Of course, this goes beyond the romantic love that led the two of you to get married in the first place. Love that truly emulates Christ extends into selflessness. A common example could be letting your spouse make a decision instead of insisting on your own point of view, whether the question is significant or not. But this type of love is especially shown during difficult circumstances: a wife ends up in the hospital, a husband loses a family member, one of them loses their job, or other trying situations arise. Your partner needs your help more than ever in these circumstances when they may be unable to care for themselves. Giving them your all and helping them however you can show the true depths of the love you feel for them.

Partners for Life

Couples trying to build a strong marriage should keep a principle in mind: they’re partners for life now. Any decision one of them makes will affect the other, and if they have kids, things get even more complicated. It’s absolutely crucial that both be on the same page. While this doesn’t mean you should try to force your spouse to think or act exactly like you (or vice versa), compatibility is important. You and your spouse are a team navigating the world and starting a life together. You’ll need each other’s help and support to truly build a strong marriage.

Grow Deeper: Many people call their spouse their best friend. While it may seem strange to think about them that way, a loving marriage and strong relationship likely will mean it’s true!

Mutual Submission

The term “mutual submission” is controversial and often misinterpreted. However, the underlying concept behind the term still rings true. Part of the love Christians are to have for one another is submitting to each other, not constantly insisting on having your own way or lording it over others. This extends to husbands and wives as well. Neither should usurp or control the other–rather, both should show the same care and thought toward each other that they’re instructed to give other Christians as a whole. 

Demonstrating the Love of Christ

The all-encompassing, self-sacrificing love of God is far more intense and perfect than we can fully imitate. However, we can do our best to show our spouses how much we truly love them. And our actions will demonstrate to others the kind of love Jesus has to offer.

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