5 Bible Stories About Helping Others

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Christian Living

What does the Bible say about helping others? Well, there are a lot of Bible stories about helping others that we should all apply to our everyday lives. Join us as we look at the stories that inspire us to help others. 

What are some Bible stories about helping others?

There are many Bible stories about helping others that we should take inspiration from, and we have picked the five that spoke the most to us. Let’s dive into these Bible stories!

What are some Bible stories about helping others that we can look at to inspire ourselves? Learn more in the following blog post. Click To Tweet
  1. The Good Samaritan 
  2. Jesus Heals The Blind Man
  3. Elijah and The Widow
  4. Queen Esther Saves Her People

1) The Good Samaritan – Luke 10:25-37

One of the most popular parables that Jesus Christ taught is the parable of the good samaritan. This parable is in Luke 10:25-37, and it talks about helping your fellow man, even if that fellow man is supposed to be your enemy. In the parable, there is a Jewish man that was walking along the road. When the man was walking, he was robbed, beaten, and left on the side of the road. 

The person who ended up helping him was a Samaritan man, which was profound for this point in history. Jews and Samaritans were enemies during this time, and it was unheard of for these groups of people to interact in a good way. The moral of the story is that we should have compassion for our fellow men no matter what. 

2) Jesus Heals The Blind Man – Mark 8:22-25

Another example of Jesus modeling helping others is when He healed the blind man at Bethsaida. A blind man was begging for Jesus to touch him, and so Jesus did. He helped restore the man’s sight to him because the man asked. We should be like Jesus and help others when we can. 

3) Elijah and The Widow – 1 Kings 17:7-16

In the Old Testament, a great example of helping others even when it is difficult is Elijah and the Widow in 1 Kings 17:7-16. In this Bible story, the prophet Elijah had announced that a drought was going through the land. For a while, he was fed by ravens and drank from a brook, but soon the brook dried out. 

So the Lord sent Elijah to a widow in Zarephath to ask for some bread. The widow only had enough bread to make one more loaf for her and her son, and then she was going to die. So Elijah told her to make a loaf for him first, and then the loaf will not run out until the day the drought ended. 

It is easy for us to help when it doesn’t cost us anything. It’s a lot harder to help someone in need when you are not much better off than them. The story of Elijah and the widow teaches us to trust that God is going to help us make up the difference when we are called to help someone. 

4) Queen Esther Saves Her People – Esther 8

Finally, Queen Esther helped stop the persecution of her people in the book of Esther. For context, at this time the King Ahasuerus had been looking for a wife, and Esther was favored among all of his possible brides. At the same time, the king’s right-hand man was trying to punish the Jews because he was jealous of Mordecai for gaining favor with the king. 

Esther used her power and influence to inform the king of what was going on, and she explained why it was important for him to stop what was happening. In our own lives, we need to stand up when we see something that is wrong and use our influence to make positive changes. 

Help Others Like Jesus

All of these stories are important to remind us about why we need to help others in our daily lives. We should help those who are in need just like Jesus did, even when it is hard. 

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