4 Ways to Show the Love of Jesus While Social Distancing

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Christian Living

While everyone is in quarantine, it can seem difficult to make connections with people and maintain relationships. Fortunately, technology makes it easier for us to connect with one another through a virtual meeting or a phone call. 

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How can you show Jesus’ love while social distancing?

While we stay at home to protect ourselves and those around us, we can still lend a helping hand to those in need. Connect with your community and spread the love of Jesus by trying the following tasks:

  1. Run Errands for Neighbors in Need
  2. Donate Food and Supplies
  3. Virtual Bible Study Group
  4. Support Local Businesses

1) Run Errands for Neighbors in Need

Some people can’t leave the house out of fear of being exposed to the coronavirus. Help your elderly or high-risk neighbors by running errands for them that they can’t complete. Things like going to the grocery store for them or mowing their lawn.

2) Donate Food and Supplies

Visit food banks to donate food and even money to those in need in your city. You can also check to see which nonprofits are in your area that are in need of supplies such as cleaning wipes, clothing, and toilet paper.

3) Virtual Bible Study Group

You might feel lonely during these uncertain times because you’re used to meeting face-to-face with your church or Bible study each week. With many churches transitioning to holding services online, you can also keep in touch with your community by holding virtual Bible study sessions.

4) Support Local Businesses

Your favorite local businesses are likely struggling due to the effects of COVID-19. Consider purchasing take out or delivery from your favorite small businesses or buying gift cards to use in the future.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to tip generously during this stressful time. You can further help businesses by posting positive reviews online. 

Maintaining Relationships During Quarantine

You can continue to grow in your relationships and friendships during quarantine by staying active in your community online. Reach out to your community through apps like Nextdoor to stay in touch with those in need nearby. 

Connect with us to learn how you can show the love of Jesus in your community.

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