Uncomfortable Truths vs. Gossip

Most people would agree that gossip is a bad thing. Spreading exaggerated or scandalous information about another person is, for the most part, frowned up. Many churches even spend more time focused on the “sin of gossip” than on other, more easily defined problems....

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Does the Old Testament Still Apply?

Plenty of churches dismiss the Old Testament as irrelevant for modern Christianity. For instance, in the book of Leviticus, pork is deemed unclean to consume, yet many Christians still eat it today. So, how relevant is the Old Testament today? Many people mistakenly...

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How to Revive Your Faith in Jesus

Like everyone else, Christians can go through phases of weak or barely existing faith. This can result from losing a loved one, experiencing a deeply traumatic event, or simply getting bored with the Christian faith. Whatever the cause, it’s important to remember that...

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